All in My Head


I’ll never say I never loved you
I’ll never say those words
But never is a long time
and I just said them anyway

Nothing makes me sadder than all that could have been
It’s useless to obsess upon, it’s nothing but pretend

Just because the ride is done, it doesn’t kill the glee
Soon the memories will fade and I will be set free


What a beautiful day (4x)
But it pales in comparison
in comparison to you…

I think I’ve got a lot of never
even talking to you
I know you’re out of my league
you know you know it too

My only hope is that you scare the dopes
that find their periscopes midair
Look like Veronica Lake
order our wedding cake
bring on the nuptials I’m there

I see a scene
like in a slick magazine
of the two of us entwined

No inhibitions apply
I’ve lost my wandering eye
I have never met your kind

What a beautiful day

On the Phone

All around, mouths make chatter
Buried in sounds, that just don’t matter

Everybody’s on the phone but nobody’s calling
Everybody’s on the phone but nobody’s calling me

Every phone is ringing ’round me
Mine sits still, waiting to escape it’s dark and
lonely cotton cell, and sing songs

Every voice if floating skyward
Mine’s inside thinking what it would say to anyone who’s
words flew through the air, to my ear

Sea Monster

Leap on the sea monster
jump from the seashore
And ride him till the edge of earth
till the sunrise hits your head

They come home and you can’t hide
rock and roll suicide

I got rollin’
I got rollin’ on my mind

Leap on the sea monster
jump from the seashore
And ride him till the edge of time
and wave goodbye, goodbye

Call all the demons
Call all the card
All the angels that are behind bars

I’ve got rollin’…

Ride on the sea monster
straight from the sea floor
And take a ride to the other side
and say hello for me

I said say hello for me!


The beautiful people are hideously slow

Blind blonde blue beleaguered beyond
bored betrothed born benign
bought beguiling barely  begun
backed by bodacious ballot bullies

I stand croaking and old song
numb now, feeling so ugly
tin cans, lined up for practice
shoot them, until they are useless

Terribly tired too too tan
taut tattletales taking time
tight temptation to tirade Tourette
toppled, tattered, torn

Small steps, follow the humans
bad tunes make it much worse
high strung, walking on match heads
fright wigs, with frowns underneath

If You Don’t Have Eyes

All the conversations
that fall on the ground
Blame it on the suburbs
and distracting sounds

All along we towed the line
with nothing but respect
The cornerstone of every yarn
is the twist you don’t expect

If you don’t have eyes
you shouldn’t have wings
If you don’t have love
you don’t have anything

The door flew open wide again
but you were unaware
And redcoats stormed the armory
while lurkers ran upstairs

Every time they call for thee
your messing with your hair
Half your life you just don’t see
you don’t deserve the air

All in Your Head

The plasticine porters have left with my bags
and nylon degenerates crash at my pad

The one-a-day salesman is pitching some woo
and if you were a salesman, you’d pitch some too

The cockney display case has cracks in its lid
but the doylies of cowhide keep them well hid

A fashion consultant is leering at me
and mouthing the words that nothing comes free

Marooned gypsy warlords collect the four winds
to bring to the badlands so moonlight begins

Mop-headed Englishmen sing merry tunes
while right wing fanatics blow up like balloons

And that’s when she said it’s all in your head
and who can argue with that?

The ivory importer has blood on his hands
he dabbles in diamonds with no moral demands

I high-five the senator who quickly turns red
he’ll wake up tomorrow with a horse in his bed!

A cummerbund lays by the side of the road
sticky coagulates, death a la mode

Hamstrings get strung up and made into yarn
they hang them from the rafters of a drafty old barn

A hideaway bed breaks the backs of the fools
who hid in my walls and broke all the rules

The Hammond is howling like banshees in heat
forget all you’ve learned and quickly retreat!


She makes me tingle, when she and I mingle
you’ve got to love today, you’ve got to love today

Sometimes the sight of her two eyes, looking into mine
leaves me beyond words

It’s the World

Are you lost? Are you scarred? Do you run but get nowhere?
It’s the World, there’s nothing wrong, it’s not your fault

Let it go and be good, let it be misunderstood
superball bouncing higher than a man

Camera crew snapping stills
Pollyannas popping pills
hold me close and we will melt in the storm

Do you feel like I do? I hope you will be there too
when I float above the clouds in your eyes

You don’t want the sea to swallow, giving up will only drag you down, down, down, down, down
If you want to see tomorrow, suck it up and sail your moment high, high, high, high, high
Calling all to pack and follow, saturate your need to wander round, round, round, round, round

Sailing on these silent ships, the parasites unwind
Falling for the first one who can see the distant shore
All day long the lightning pours from ladles in the sky
Blasting caps and elephants remind us of before

Are you lost? Are you scarred? Do you run but get nowhere?
It’s the World, there’s nothing wrong, it’s not your fault

All the fears, all the lies in these scary lullabies
I’ve got one, you’ve got three, let’s pretend

Off and old truth be told, hot will always turn to cold
it’s a drag but we keep coming back for more

Have you flown submarines? Have you swam on trampolines?
this makes no sense, I’m rambling on, it’s my fault.

Zoe Rosario

I walked up to the cafe bar
her smile reeled my mind back from afar
I flipped a lid
she said “in time”
and I fell into her optical sway

We shared a love of ancient songs
and I found out she could fiddle and was sweet
The Golden Monkeys passed our lips
and we headed to the Chicken Loft soiree

Closer and closer on the couch
our hands entwined
I never wanted to leave

Zoe Rosario
Zoe Rosario
Oh what a face
Oh what a brain

You never know when things will change
but now is here and it’s so strange

She took a mint
I missed the cue
but I caught up and we turned the damper down

We were locked and loaded in a fog
and the world we entered had no other sounds

We made more sparks than a Tesla coil
and I felt again what it meant to fall free

The moment lasted for so long
We couldn’t know how soon the feast would surely spoil

I asked if she smoked
She said “What do you think?”
I thought that was a beautiful answer

So we got high and wandered down to the brink of disaster

Zoe Rosario
Zoe Rosario
Oh what a face
Oh what a name

Another Day

We made it through another day, hooray hooray hooray
this is all that’s left to celebrate
We made it through another day, hooray hooray hooray
no buildings toppled down upon our heads

He went, she went, running away. Chicken Little warned us about that day
Cast aside your old time fears. The devil is alive, and he’s right near here

Waking up to cracking shells. Tourists soak it in from tall hotels
Chirps and squaks form help monsoons. Maybe this is it, the last harpoon

No waves of rolling monster dust or fiberglass parades
No siren orchestras go roaring by. No screams of leaping souls


I called to say
chalk it up to common sense
You walked away
from one before to me

Cold tin light
the sighs have come
and stolen all my breath today

When you said forever
you meant till something better comes along

You spoke the words
but they added up to less
I woke to birds
and rolled to see you gone

Hold on I was fine before
I met you at the ballroom door