All in My Head

All in My Head

With A Little Help From My Friends.

This release took over 2 years of on and off recording and editing (and many more of playing and writing) to create. Will has been the guitarist, founding member and secondary songwriter for two of Boston’s most unique and acclaimed bands: Think Tree and Count Zero, but this is his first official effort as a band leader.

For this project Will called on some of his friends — who happen to be some of Boston’s best musicians — to help him out (see below). Anchored by Count Zero drummer Shawn Marquis on 10 of the 12 songs, this group’s virtuosic skills and improvisational abilities allowed the songs in Will’s head to come to life in brilliant and unexpected ways. By combining acoustic and electronic sounds with written and improvised parts they have created a unique musical world that’s often dark and beautiful at the same time. And, the lyrics propel the songs along a fascinating path with rhythm, insight and clever wordplay.

You can purchase it below, on iTunes, or on the Will-r Facebook page (click on “More” and choose “Music Store”)

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Will Ragano: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboards,
Samples/Loops, Lap Steel Guitar and Mandolin

Shawn Marquis: Drums

Joshua Owsley: Upright Bass

Peter Moore: Moog Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals

Jude Heichelbech: Keyboards, Harp, Background Vocals, Glockenspiel

Ken Winokur: Percussion, Clarinet

Joel Simches: Keyboards

Jonathan LaMaster: Violin

Valerie Thompson: Cello, Vocals

Eric Donahue: Electric Bass

Matt Graber: Drums